The New Collaboration Box

Here I present the new collaboration box.

Screenshot from 2015-07-06 20:46:20

The features included in this new UI :

  • The collaboration icon in the bottom right corner will only appear when one gets connect to the presence server. It disappears when the user is disconnected from the server.
  • Support for registering to with your nickname and your favorite XO color if not registered before. The option to register will only appear when preferences are not set in the localStorage.
  • The groups are recognised with the stroke and fill of the user who created the group and username of the same.
  • The user is informed about joining of the group by the background color of the collaboration icon in the bottom right corner.
  • The main focus of this UI is to colorize the collaboration (incorporate colors in maximum possible ways).
  • Apart from that, It supports the basic features like sharing an activity and joining the shared activity.

The new UI is a step to make collaboration more user-friendly for the users.

Do drop comments after reviewing it from here.

Thanks and Regards !!

The New Collaboration Box

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